Binary Botanical


Binary Botanical, a sophisticated light beer for wine-lovers created by Good Living Brew Company. This superior refreshing beer with a tangy prosecco-like taste, was created by a team of women with years’ of experience of the brewing industry, shared frustration of wanting a moderate alcoholic beverage – yet not enjoying the traditional bitter taste of beer.

binary botanical launched in summer 2018 and was listed by Ocado in May 2019. It is also available in independent retailers including Harvey Nichols and a number of bars and restaurants including Tramshed Shoreditch and L’Ortolan.

While most beers are brewed using hop cones, binary botanical is infused for five days with organic leaves from Sovereign and First Gold hop bines, the name given to the stems of the hop plant. And while hops impart a bitterness that isn’t for everyone, hop bine leaves add a unique flavour.

Good Living Brew Company asked me to help them distill their complex messaging to engage with customers in both the retail and bar/restaurant environment. I am now supporting their Ocado launch with a targeted PR campaign to the trade and consumer press.


Every year 10-16% of fruit and vegetables grown on UK farms is wasted - that’s 22,000-37,000 tones and enough to feed 200,000 people*. Third generation Essex-farmer and fruit-grower, Pete Thompson is determined to create a more sustainable way of farming, finding new uses for the apples, pears, apricots and plums grown on his Essex farm, but which haven’t made the grade required by retailers.

Thompson has launched RELIQUUM LONDON DRY GIN which uses an eau de vie made from apples grown in the farm’s orchards which would otherwise go to waste. Botanicals include Calamondin an unusual citrus fruit which is also grown on the farm The result is an exceptionally smooth citrusy gin and mellowed with the floral sweetness of apple which is made in partnership with Master Distiller, Dr John Walters from the English Spirit Distillery. The name Reliquum comes from Latin and means “All that remains”.

Two other spirits join the Reliquum range: RELIQUUM PLUM a sophisticated spirit of London Dry Gin blended with Lizzie plums to produce a bright sharp spirit with an almond after-taste; and RELIQUUM APRICOT which blends London Dry with tree-ripened apricots for a smooth taste with the distinct aroma of ripe apricots. The fruit is grown in traditional orchards and left to naturally ripen to develop the fullest flavour. Nothing else is added and nothing taken away.

Reliquum founder, Pete Thompson says: “We are very proud of this London Dry Gin, but it is only the first step in our journey towards creating a genuine single estate gin, using ingredients entirely sourced from the fields and orchards of our farm, here in Great Oakley on the north eastern tip of coastal Essex.”

Master Distiller, Dr John Walters of the English Spirit Distillery says: “We pride ourselves on producing the best spirits anywhere in the country and this means partnering with the best growers. We are delighted to work alongside Thompson's and develop their world class product.”




Every year tonnes of fruit are wasted around the country because it’s too big, too small or too ugly to be sold.

Cotchel was founded by third generation farmer Pete Thompson, who is on a mission to reduce food waste. The family have been growing fruit and vegetables for markets, greengrocers and restaurants on their farm in Essex since 1948. They select and grow apples, pears, apricots, plums and figs for the best flavour.

Cotchel is a new range of four distinct juices made with apples and pears grown, pressed and bottled in Essex. Cotchel is all about creating a great tasting fruit juice using fruit that can’t be sold and taking small steps towards reducing food waste.

Cotchel is market-traders’ slang for the bits 'n' bobs left over at the end of the week. Needless to say, Cotchel always tastes good!

The orchards are abundant with wildlife. As farmers, they believe it is their duty to care for the land for the benefit of future generations.