Gareth Ward at Ynyshir

Ynyshir is a Michelin star, 5 AA* rosette restaurant and rooms in Wales.  Chef Owner, Gareth Ward, is the Good Food Guide’s Chef of the Year 2019 and regularly cited as one of the most exciting chefs in the country.

Gareth Ward’s philosophy is ‘Ingredient Led, Flavour Driven, Fat Fuelled, Meat Obsessed’. Ynyshir is all about great food, great music and amazing drinks. Ward describes it as: ‘fun dine’ rather than ‘fine dine’.Ward is passionate about using the best British ingredients to create dining experiences rather than just a meal – he aims to ‘smash you in the face with flavour!’ whilst listening to all of his favourite albums on record. He doesn’t adhere to traditional culinary rules with every small dish taking you on a journey of flavours, textures and ingredients. 

Chef Gareth Ward is passionate about using the best ingredients including local meat, foraged herbs and berries - for example tapping all the birch in their grounds to make syrup or the whole team taking a day out to harest and preserve wild garlic for the year ahead. He is also known for his use of Japanese techniques and ingredients like miso, dashi, mirin and soy which enable him to get as much flavour as possible out of the other ingredients while keeping the dishes light. Ward is renowned for his dedication to ageing meat to improve its flavour and texture and Ynyshir is the first restaurant in the UK to have a fully-wrap around Himalayan Salt Chamber.

Tucked away between the golden sands of Borth Beach and the rugged mountains of Snowdonia National Park in Wales, Ynyshir’s location makes it the perfect remote escape for food lovers looking for a completely unique culinary experience. The dining experience takes guests on a creative journey through Wales and the British Isles, surprising and delighting their taste buds with every dish.

PX+ Festival

PX+ Festival
17-19 August, 2019

PX+ Festival is a unique event for the hospitality industry which gives people working in the sector the opportunity to create, share, discuss and celebrate. It is created for the industry, by the industry

PX+ Festival brings together top chefs, farmers, bakers, butchers, makers, suppliers and producers to create for a weekend-long event held at Duchess Farms in Hertfordshire.

PX+ Festival is the spark to launch real change – not only for the way we work, but also how we support and look out for each other. It’s a chance to join discussions in the “Let’s Talk About It” Barn, share thoughts and plan actions; to take part in workshops and rest and rejuvenate with yoga and massage as well as kick back to the sounds of live music and guest DJs.

In its first year PX+ hosted over 230 headline acts from restaurants, hotels, cafes, and suppliers to the industry alongside 30 of the UK’s top chefs. In 2019 the event will be even bigger.

Andrew Sheridan at Sosban

Andrew Sheridan is an up and coming chef who represented Wales on Great British Menu in 2018 and was branded ‘the maverick chef’ for his unconventional approach. He scored a couple of 10s from Paul Ainsworth and the other judges.

Sosban is housed in striking Victorian Pumphouse close to the sea at Llanelli. Since he arrived in autumn last year, he’s transformed the food leading on tasting menus which play with intriguing flavours, textures and temperatures.

Sosban is one of the most exciting restaurants in Wales. Andrew and his team create menus that connect diners with each dish either through memories, taste or seasons. Andrew cooks with flair and imagination, combining bold flavours with intriguing textures and temperatures to create a memorable experience all served in a relaxed environment.

Andrew believes that each dish should tell a story - torched mackerel for example, is reminiscent of barbecuing fresh fish on the beach. He says “My philosophy is simple: I use the best possible ingredients to create dishes that emphasise seasonal flavours and excite the palate. Whether that is the freshest seafood, seasonal fruit and vegetables or the best quality meat, every item on the menu is meticulously sourced and each plate is designed to intrigue and excite our diners.”

Sosban is becoming renowned for its four- and seven-course tasting menus (with vegetarian versions). The menu features some of Andrew’s signature dishes such as Cod Five Ways, cabbage puree, salt and vinegar chips; and Pembrokeshire Goat, torched cucumber, caramelised goats cheese and wild garlic and his elevated apple rice-pudding made famous when it scored 10 points from judges on the Great British Menu.