restaurants & Chefs

My clients include Michelin-star restaurants and chefs in England and Wales, gastro-pubs and traditional family restaurants. I have worked with chefs like Gareth Ward, Lisa Goodwin Allen and Andrew Sheridan to develop their personal brand, advise on social media profile, and secure media, broadcast, awards and event opportunities. 

Food & drink brands

Clients past and present include established brands like Aspall and innovative start-ups Hodmedod, Spoon Cereals, Hepple Gin and food-waste pioneers Cotchel and Reliquum. 

Festivals and events

I have substantial experience of curating chefs demonstrations and workshops for events such as The Chefs Table Event (March 2019) and the British Dal Festival and the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival. I also manage[d] PR campaigns for these events. I manage PR and sponsorship for the Guild of Food Writers Awards.

Previous Clients